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Portsmouth Cricket Club - 2019 News story

Portsmouth Cricket Club Committee Update!

07 Jun 2019

An update from the Cricket Committee


St Helens is in full swing!


All 3 adult teams are fighting hard in their respective leagues.


Our 3rd team this year has seen more colts coming through to play which is a fantastic testament to the coaches and managers of the various age groups.


The Colts training this year under the stewardship of Shane has been well received by all colts and from the feedback we receive by the parents as well who now see the strong commitment of the club to help the development of all colts at whatever level they are.


The hope of the Committee is that each age group in the colts section provides at least three first-team players in the fullness of time and we are confident that with the colts increasing their level of energy towards the weekly sessions that this goal can be achieved.


As we become more successful on the pitch and as we develop a clear training and coaching strategy we expect our membership to grow. With this growth comes the challenge of providing everyone with competitive cricket.


We fully recognise this challenge and will encourage all colts managers to ensure that whilst the A teams will be the top teams the Bs and Cs etc. will be regarded as a platform to give all colts some cricket on a rotation basis.


As to the adults with only 3 teams, we can only give 33 players each week cricket so as numbers grow we will closely monitor the situation and consider a 4th team and also some Sunday or Midweek cricket.


We are pleased to announce that the Indoor Leagues are being booked again for winter with 3 adult teams and 2 colt’s teams. Again, within the playing regulations, we will endeavour to provide cricket to all those who want to play.


As ever if any member has any issues regarding cricket matters please contact any member of the cricket committee.

Thank you for your continued support.

Portsmouth Cricket Club Committee.