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👏Picture This V - Crowfunding Update👏

28 Dec 2020

Dear Members and Friends

Another submission in our "Picture This" series. This time from Phoebe Adams, our 2nd XI Scorer.

So take a moment, close your eyes and Picture This - A Summer View from our New Balcony atop Hampshire's Finest Pavilion.

The sun is shining brightly - it's hot, hot, hot and Diane busy in the kitchen making tea for everyone. The stumps are in, Rick and Barney are completing their last minute wicket prep, the teams are warming up, scoreboard is energised, score books and coloured pens neatly arranged and we are set for the afternoon. Hoping I don't mix up the players and that Mickey H remembers to signal all his extras.

Thank you Phoebe for your vision. We are sure that Mickey will remember to signal, when he's good and ready.

If you have a summer view to share, please send it in to portsmouthcc@hotmail.co.uk and we'll happily post your thoughts.

Every pound we generate now through the Crowdfunder will go towards enhancing the specification of the project, so if you haven't already done so and would like to share in our success, click the link and donate. The Crowdfunder closes in 5 days, on Sunday 3rd January at 11am.