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👏Picture This VI - Crowdfunding Update👏

31 Dec 2020

Dear Members and Friends

Our resident PCC Wordsmith and Second XI Opener Jamie Mitchell couldn't resist another Bite Sized Snippet to finish off 2020.

So close your eyes and Picture This - A Summer View from The Balcony atop Hampshire's Finest Pavilion.

Among the inimitable, indomitable and incontinent, Portsmouth Cricket Club Ultras, Arthur Shaw, Johnny Wyatt and Fred Gardner are seen huddled below - Muttering their Top Brand of Benign, Old Boy Twitter and Slurpin' Tea.

Thank you Jamie for your vision - We can't imagine that The PCC Ultras will go Tee-total for 2021, but you never know.

If, like Jamie, you like your Seconds then please consider a small top up donation to help us on our way to the New Target of £24k.

Meanwhile, with the short handled bat retired it's well worn face peppered with cherries, we dug out our long handled bruiser, oiled it up and knocked it in - Check out the New Thermometer below.  

The Crowdfunding Appeal closes on Sunday 3rd January @ 11am.

  • Don't forget Simon's NYE Quiz tonight @ 7pm - Click the link in the email invitation sent yesterday and a Zoom link will arrive, as if by magic.
  • We are also making the 100 Club Draws for November and December tonight.