Portsmouth Cricket Club - 2021

Portsmouth Cricket Club - 2021 News story

Portsmouth CC Bar Opening

16 Apr 2021

Dear Members

What’s new in England from 12th April:

As you are aware, the club bar is now open under Government Covid regulations.  Please keep your social distance, no more than groups of 6 sitting together or 2 family households.

Remember on field activity remains the same as from the 29th March (Step 1B), so there are no changes from previous guidance

Who is permitted to attend organised outdoor cricket activity in England?

  • a parent, suitable adult or carer attending in a supervisory role for an U18 player or a player with a disability (maximum 1 adult per U18 player)
  • those attending for hospitality where available, subject to following the club’s and the government’s guidance
  • a club official/volunteer who is organising on and/or off-field activities

Government guidance clearly states no other spectators should be present. (i.e. if you don’t meet one of the above 3, you should not be there).

Cub Licensing Law

Due to the licensing laws which the club has, please do not bring any of your own alcohol into the ground.  Only alcohol bought at the club bar can be consumed on the premises.


If everybody adheres to the guidance above, we should all have a great season of Cricket.