Portsmouth Cricket Club - 2020

Portsmouth Cricket Club - 2020 - Know How

Welcome to the 'Know How' Page.

Today the resource that is available for coaches and players alike is available from many sources allowing easier sharing of 'Know How' - If you think there is resource available that could be uploaded please forward to the club using the email Portsmouthcc@hotmail.co.uk  

(2019 | Review 2022) Fielding Positions and Common Umpire Signals Positions and Umpire Signals.pdf 

(2019 | Review 2020) Laws Of Cricket from ECB Laws of The Game

(2019 | Review 2020) South East Hants Rules and Regulation 2019 SEHCA Rule and Regs

(2019 | Review 2020) Southern Premier League Rules & Regulations SPL Rule and Regs